Tikiriri in the Land of the Faceless Giants (2020)

'Tikiriri in the Land of the Faceless Giants' is a Children's picture book enhanced with augmented reality. The project was developed with the creative direction of Simon  Becker from Studio B2302 (Berlin, Germany). AR provisional mock ups were developed  by Relative Berlin Studios.  

This picture book allows children to take a journey from the "kitchen table to the middle of the rainforest". There they follow the adventure of the female toucan Tikiriri, whose home is invaded by 'Faceless Giant'. With vivid illustrations, the interactive book project ventures into the topics of environmental destruction and climate change, which have rarely been addressed before.

The adventure story enables an exciting and informative journey of discovery on the Augmented Reality level and provides an inspiring basis for an insightful conversation with children about tropical rainforest deforestation and its role as a "global green lung.“

The proceeds from subsequent book sales will be used, among other things, to protect the Amazon rainforest and the indigenous population. It is planned to use the book in education and to publish it in other languages.

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